Nodeshop is a Node.js powered E-Commerce system.

Bootstrap is used as front-end framework because i'm crap at UI and it looks good.

The project is still very much work in progress, and any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


11 Feb '15

The website has been down for a while, sorry about that!

I've set up this one in the meantime before I get something a bit better in place.

I'd just like to say thanks for all the support I've had for the project! I am still working on it albeit slowly.

A new release should be just around the corner...

27 Nov '13

Heres a little update to prove I'm alive and still working on NodeShop.

Updated the admin area to bootstrap 3.0, the shop front is currently in progress as well.

Also made the admin area more functional, please dont mess up the DB too much...

21 Aug '13

Sorry it's been a while but I've been busy recently looking for a new job.

I'm creating a google group for anyone who would like to get involved witht he project, this will be a place to discuss features, bugs, suggestions and anything else about the project.

Here's whats new in 0.0.6:

28 Jun '13

Tidied up some more code, updated the file structure. Added a guest checkout with form validation. Coming soon will be the order form with some kind of payment system, probably paypal.

Started working on an admin area which is slowly coming along, will probably be in the next release.

23 May '13

Quite a few areas of the system have been tidied up and improved, most notably the shopping cart, the basics of a checkout, the category system and the login system.

The checkout is moving towards something that may be usable quite soon so watch this space!

Also planned is an admin area, which I am considering running as a seperate server. This would make it secure and easy to access from a development envrironment.